Ecola Inn – Cannon Beach Oregon


Our family’s single-minded dedication to providing an escape, where you can see and smell the ocean, restore your soul and regroup in good times and bad, for over 75 years keeps the Ecola inn from being just another place.

We are really a resort community. More than 80% of our guests return each year – many for multiple vacations. Our guests come from every state and many countries. We are able to accommodate 13 couples or families, so it is intimate enough for lifelong friendships to develop.

Many of Our guests remember coming to Cannon Beach as children. For a few weeks of the summer, they played for hours on the beach, searched the tide pools for sand dollars and crabs, waded in the ocean, walked downtown for the first time by themselves, and roasted marshmallows over a campfire.

They return, as honeymooners, eventually with their children and grandchildren. Reliving their experiences while their children live theirs. Several generations have grown up at the Ecola inn.

As the years have gone by, Cottages have replaced the tents, hotels replaced the cottages, the cars and the roads are better, but the flavor of Cannon Beach remains the same.

The Ecola inn just becomes more and more unique as the world changes. We have an independent flair with a balance between nostalgia and modern needs. We’ve grown up in the past few years, technology etc., but the atmosphere and philosophy – the heart and history of the place – remain the same.

Call us today, and begin your own tradition……